The Shed

Where we tinker around at weekends, but be warned; here be dragons.

Things on this page are generally experimental and may stop working, disappear, explode or crash at any moment!


  • IP and Network Tools – Find out your current real world IP address and more network info.
  • IPv6 Test – Test your access to IPv6 only websites and show your real world IPv6 address.
  • Make link – Sometimes you have a URL but need to make a link to help you save it. This a is a quick and dirty way to do that.
  • Start – Multi-site search.
  • Weather – Minimal page showing info from a local weather station. Originally built for mobile use.
  • Wheel of Inspiration – Suggests random genres and styles to inspire musical jam sessions.
  • YouTube Mature Content Viewer – This tool makes it easy to watch restricted YouTube content without logging in to YouTube.

Open Source Projects

We have some projects on GitHub and some on Bitbucket.

Coderwall Achievements

Our list of achievements on Coderwall.

“The true secret of happiness was to be busy with unimportant things.”

J B Priestley