Website Easter Egg Solution

easter-eggWell done to those of you who found our hidden Easter Egg over the bank holiday weekend. For those that didn’t, here’s the (not very well hidden) location. Simply scroll down to the bottom of our homepage and click on the rounded corner as shown in the image to the right.

We hope you’ve had fun destroying our page! This was all possible thanks to Alex Leone, David Nufer and David Truong and their KatHack project (which can be used on any website – see the instructions on the KatHack page). We’ll leave it up for a while so you can have a play but it’s not staying forever.

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Norwich Puppet Man dead or just rumor?

Both twitter and Facebook have been full of news about Norwich legend the Puppet Man’s demise but is the Norwich Puppet Man dead?

It’s looking (at this point anyway) that it is a rumor started via his Wikipedia page. Word from his Facebook page states that he may have had a heart attack around 8:30pm this evening. Even his website (yes, he has a website) state that it is unconfirmed.

The Puppet Man (real name David Perry) has been entertaining passers by with his sock waving since the mid 80s and splits his time between Norwich and Great Yarmouth, where he now lives.

[UPDATE]: EDP crime corespondent Ben Kendall says he is not dead.

[UPDATE]: It’s official… He’s not dead, he was just sleeping.

Firefox 4 final available for download

Firefox logoFirefox 4.0 is slated for official release today at some point but readers of an impatient nature can grab it from Mozilla’s FTP server. We’ll update this post with official links as they become available.

We’re not linking to the FTP server directly as it’s not really a public distribution channel so here are the downloads hosted on Fileforum:

A word about incompatible extensions. If you come across one, do this:

  1. Type about:config into the address bar
  2. Create or modify this boolean value: extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0
  3. Set it to False

Or install the Addon Compatibility Reporter.

Unlike Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4 does support Windows XP.

[UPDATE]: Firefox 4 now officially released! Get Firefox 4

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Internet Explorer 9 Offline Installers

Internet Explorer 9 logoDespite not being fans of IE, we know that many of our customers will want/need to install it. Rather than link to the annoying setup file that downloads as it installs, here are the full offline installers.

Select which version you need based on your operating system. Remember that x86 means 32bit and x64 means 64bit.

If you are not sure which version you have, see Is my PC running the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows?

Download Internet Explorer 9 RTM For Windows 7 (x86)
Download Internet Explorer 9 RTM For Windows 7 (x64)
Download Internet Explorer 9 RTM For Vista (x86)
Download Internet Explorer 9 RTM For Vista (x64)
Internet Explorer 9 is not available for Windows XP.

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[Update] Why IE9 is a Web Designer’s Nightmare