The rolling Facebook gathers no moss

FacebookWith all the competition from Google+, Facebook is having to up it’s game. There have been some fairly drastic changes recently and more are on the cards.

They are set to make an announcement later today (5:30pm to be exact) which you can watch below. Facebook’s goal is to become the social layer that supports, powers and connects every single piece of the web, no matter who or what it is or where it lives.

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(via Sean Clark’s blog)

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Link to a specific post on Facebook

FacebookSomeone asked me yesterday how to link to a specific post on Facebook and I had to stop and think for a minute. When you get a notification, you get a link to the status or link in question but how do you find this link yourself?

The answer was staring me right in the face. Under each post (be it a status or link post) is a timestamp. It is this timestamp that provides a link to the individual post.


All you need to do is copy this URL and paste it onto Facebook just like any other link. Unfortunately, the results aren’t very pretty but at least it gets the job done (and includes any original comments).

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Add a Facebook like button that validates to your website

Facebook logoAdding a ‘Like’ button to your site is very easy but the code Facebook gives you doesn’t validate correctly. In this post, we show you not only how to add it with valid code but also make it load last so your visitors aren’t waiting longer than they have to for your content.

Instead of pasting the copied FB code directly into your page, use the following (stuffing your copied FB code into line 4).

If you’re not happy editing your website code, we would be happy to add this for you, simply contact us.

Many thanks to Tian Valdemar Davis for this elegant solution. He also posted a similar answer for Twitter’s tweet button.

[Update] Now outdated, see the FB dev article.

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Go Back to the Old Facebook Photo Layout with a URL Tweak

FacebookHate the new Facebook photo-viewing thing? Can’t deep-link to an image because of it? Take the &theater out of the URL and you’re back in business.

Another technique is when you are looking at the album thumbnails, open pictures into a new tab (either by right clicking or simply using the middle mouse button).

[Update] If you forgot to avoid the ‘theater’, simply refresh the page (press F5) and the photo will load on the old style page.