Block referrer spam from the SEMalt botnet

We are trialling the following solution for blocking what is fast becoming a scourge of the web; SEMalt referrer spam.
It’s been added to the .htaccess file on one of our personal sites, and we’ll see how it does there before implementing these measures on the rest of the sites we manage. Update to follow.

UPDATE: While blocking at the server IS working, there is much more to blocking this type of spam which is detailed here and here.

Limecrete Company wins green competition

Build Norfolk and BEST East put together a competition to find people with new and bright innovative ideas, services, products, concepts or materials for sustainable construction. Kind of a Green Dragon’s Den if you will.

After a grilling by the Dragons, The Limecrete Company came out to win the competition with their innovative hempcrete spraying techniques. Shortly after the competition, The Limecrete Co’s Myles Yallop was interviewed on Radio Norfolk and you can hear the interview below.


Well done to everybody at The Limecrete Co. who keep taking sustainable construction to higher levels!