Weather Links

weatherAs a population, we British love talking about the weather. We love moaning that it’s too hot, too cold, too windy, too wet, it seems we’re never satisfied! We’ve put together a selection of links that keep you up to date with what Mother Nature is throwing at us.

Wunderground – Weather Underground is committed to delivering the most reliable, accurate weather information possible. In short, they’re weather geeks (this is a good thing). The nearest station providing Attleborough weather is located in Morley at Wymondham College.

Met Office – World leading weather services for the public, business, and government.

Meteox – Up to the minute radar images that are great for tracking rainfall. They also provide a great mobile weather page.

Sat24 – Similar to Meteox but with visible satellite images.

Blitzortung – Shows lightning strikes in the last 120 minutes.

UK Wind Map – Shows wind speed and direction.

WeatherSpark – Nice looking site but it can be a bit overwhelming. Try the Attleborough weather page.

Meteorologica – A variety of weather images and data that you can either refer to or copy the images onto your own web site.

Costessey Weather Station – A weather station run by a hobby operator.

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Bypass compulsory registration with BugMeNot

bugmenotDon’t you just hate it when you have to sign up to some website you’re probably never going to visit again, just to access the free download you’re after? BugMeNot can save you the trouble of form filling and reduce your spam level in the process.

If you want to give it a try, just head over to BugMeNot and type in the address of a site that requires a login. There’s a pretty good chance someone will have already created an account if it’s a popular site. Now just copy and paste the account details into the site you’re trying to access and you’re in!

Some sites don’t like BMN (as it prevents them from harvesting information about you) and so they disable the accounts. There is a rating system which shows the success rate of the particular login you’re trying to use and it’s nice to add a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if it worked out for you. Some of the more niche sites aren’t featured yet but BMN has a feature to submit a login if you have to create one yourself.

Once you see how useful this is, you can install the BMN Firefox extension which makes the process even quicker. When you have it installed, it’s just a case of right clicking on any login form and choosing “Login with BugMeNot”.

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Tweak Google Search Time Periods with a URL Hack

google_appsHere’s a great tip to find results from a specific time period. You can change or add
the following term to the end of the URL. Some examples:

Starting with a search in the last month: &tbs=qdr:m
&tbs=qdr:m2 will give you two months,
&tbs=qdr:d4 will give you four days.
&tbs=qdr:y3 will give you three years.

See where this is going? This allows you more specific control than is offered by the links on the left of the Google page.

Tell us your Google tips in the comments.