How to Tag Your Friends on Facebook

FacebookWe’ve had several people ask recently about how to tag their friends in status updates etc. It’s very easy… once you know how.

All you need to do is type the @ symbol and begin typing the first few letters of the person’s name who you’d like to tag. You’ll see a drop down box appear under where you’re typing containing the names of matching friends. Click on your friends name and a tag is inserted into your status.

You need to click or use the arrow keys to highlight the friends name in the dropdown and press enter to get the tag to work. If you just typed @Trippnology for example, the tag wouldn’t show up. As you will find, this technique doesn’t work everywhere – it’s not available in replies for example – but it does work for Friends, Pages, Events and Groups.

Give it a try and tag Trippnology and don’t forget to share this so your friends will know how to tag too.