What is web hosting and why do I need it?

After being asked this question many times, we thought we would write the answer up so we can simply refer people here.

In order for people to access your website, the files that make up the site must be saved (hosted) on a fast computer that is permanently connected to the internet via a very fast pipe. We call this type of computer a server as when users visit your pages, the server responds and serves up the content that is being requested.

If you try to host your site over a standard broadband line, or the server is overloaded, it will take longer to display your pages and visitors may click away before they have ever seen your site! Some hosting providers charge you based on how much data is being transferred (your bandwidth). With our hosting, you have unlimited bandwidth, so if your site gets a sudden increase in popularity, you won’t get any extra bills, plus you’ll always get great performance and all of your content is being backed up to 2 different physical locations.

server racks
Racks of servers in a datacentre.
Photo by getbutterfly

The server also handles all your email – saving messages to their various mailboxes and serving it up to you when you check your mail.

You can find out exactly what’s included in our “all-in-one” hosting package over on our web hosting prices page (there are actually more features than listed, but we wanted to keep it simple). At just over £80 to run your website for an entire year, it provides great value for money, especially when you consider you could easily spend that on having a tiny ad in the EDP for a week, for example. We also manage all of this for you, making it as hands free as you like, all included in the price. If you would like a new email account etc, you tell us what you want and we make it so!

If you have any questions about web hosting or anything else, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.